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tv   WGN News Special  CW  August 16, 2013 9:30pm-10:00pm CDT

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have to prepare for a changing environment. weather, it can be buggy. i think you have to be ready to experience some mud. the crew sets up camp underneath a canopy of trees. clark, the river chef, prepares an all-natural meal. cast iron style cooking with salads and fruits and vegetables and variety of hors doeuvres. with a full belly you feel the "mark twain energy" trading river tales and fellowship as the great waterway casts its spell. you seem to have more time to be thinking and thinking whats important. sitting around and enjoying your friends and enjoying your life. an epic sky and the crickets lull you to sleep. in the morning, its a different sound that greets you. were packing up and back on the water headed to our next destination. we set the
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course south following the flow past st. louis skirting by cahokia with its mysterious indian mounds, but no time to stop because were focused on the rivers french heritage. places like prairie du rocher, and the village of kaskaskia, established in 1703. but our camp site is fort chartres island just a short hike away from a historic stone fortification. nearly a century before the revolutionary war, france controlled this part of illinois with fort de chartres guarding the strategically vital mississippi trade route. in the springtime thousands flock to 'rendezvous' the spirited 18th century fur trapper holiday. friendly site supervisors give you the history which includes a free tour of the museum the exhibits and air conditioning the perfect remedy to a hot day of paddling. we're in the northern end of the colony of louisiana, at that time. this fort is governed from
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it's the perfect magic eraser for making stuff that's big and tough not so tough, after all. mr. clean's handy grip -- the newest member of the magic eraser family. in all purpose and bath. [ engine revs ] its one of lifes great pleasures, watching your faithful pal run free at the local dog park. when it comes to vacations, brian hendenski of carpentersvil le, illinois wouldnt
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think to leave his beagle behind. shes one of the family. shes just like having another child, just four- legged. this is chuck my 1-year-old weimeraner with a nose for adventure. we're setting our sights on makanda in southern illinois where we've heard about woodsy dog-friendly cabins with acreage to roam. rolling up to oak grove cabins, chucks chomping at the bit to meet his new friend buttercup. shes a country dog. this is her all cleaned up right now for you guys. normally she has cockaburrs in her fur and i let her run free. its love at first site with a cozy cabin and fireplace that sleeps four. weekday rates start at 120 dollars with a 15 dollar a day cleaning charge. dogs have the run of the place, but you still need to supervise and put him in a crate if you leave him alone in the cabin. with chuck pointing his nose eastward we cruise
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towards the illinois ozarks deep inside the shawnee national forest. just a few miles outside the town of karbers ridge we reach our destination. its the call of the wild at rimrock dogwood cabins high up in the shawnee hills. theres a private trail circling the 77-acre retreat and access to the legendary rim rock trail. youll see tributes to mans best friend wherever you go. and the colorful cabins have all the creature comforts like satellite tv full kitchens and big country porches. prices range from 100 to 200 dollars a night. back in the car its time for one last road trip. were shooting west just minutes away to karbers ridge and a pet- friendly retreat thats great fun for families. here in the wildest, most beautiful part of the shawnee national forest you can actually spend the night up in the trees in one of illinois most unique resorts. the tree
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houses are an adventure. and amazingly comfortable with a cozy living room kitchen and loft area for the little ones with enough room for two beds. tree house rates begin at 165 dollars a night. they are up in a tree. its unique. its different. they can run around and be kids. they can run through the forest. cats love to sit and watch the action from the porch. while the dogs sniff each other out. kids head to the archery range where certified instructors teach and supervise. it all adds up to a memorable vacation for kids and pets alike. roam across the state and youll see the the darndest things from albino squirrels to lincoln on a wagon or this! theres no missing the worlds biggest ketchup bottle. the 160-foot tall
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collinsville, illinois water tower is visible from space. theres flying saucers near springfield, illinois where aliens have discovered a crowded galaxy of knick knacks from smurf troll dolls to sox memorabilia to lord knows what at this route 66 curiosity. the fun is seeing stuff that i grew up with. it kind of takes me back. youll lose yourself here at the pink elephant antique mall easily spending a couple of hours just wandering around. brace yourself for a chilling experience at the historic museum of torture devices in alton, illinois said to be the most haunted town in america. mineral springs mall is where, for 5 dollars, youll confront the terrible implements of torture. and the unspeakable! down below an abandoned pool where ghost chasers swear they play marbles with the spirit of a drowned
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child. shell keep em up there for a little. we tell her to bring'em back and she'll bringem back. its a pop culture bonanza near rockford, illinois. a huge assortment of hollywood collectibles like the clothes worn by comedian redd foxx. costumes from gone with the wind, and marilyn monroe belongings with the top of a famous presidential birthday cake pictured here moments before marilyn sang to jfk. happy birthday mr. president happy birthday to you. but the biggest draw at historic auto attractions is a fleet of infamous motor vehicles like adolf hitlers staff car. theres the armored packard belonging to russian dictator joseph stalin, and gangster john dillingers getaway car. then theres the ambulance that rushed the mortally
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wounded lee harvey oswald to a dallas hospital after getting shot by jack ruby whose hat and shoes are on display. it seems like the last place youd want to visit. but walk into the wood river refinery museum near st. louis and youll step back in time. is this a hidden jewel, would you say, in this part of illinois? oh absolutely, its a hidden jewel in the united states. nostalgia lovers you wont believe your eyes vintage road maps the kind youd pick up for free at an old time gas station like this one in mt. olive, illinois. refinery volunteers help polish things up at this one-of-a- kind place. coming up were flying through illinois shawnee national forest riding one of the countrys most adventurous ziplines.
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shawnee national forest theres rugged beauty at every turn. but no time for sight- seeing because were hunting for adventure at one of illinois best kept secrets egyptian hills resort.
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a private lake east of giant city state park, 23- hundred acre lake egypt is boating paradise surrounded by forest and lake house rentals. at the marina rent ski boats, jet skis, and paddle boats to get your kids off the electronic devices into big-time fun. we get to party with the friends. go on the jet ski, go tubing, catch some air on the tubes. its awesome. book a chalet at egyptian hills resort with a view of the lake and enough room for six with linens, towels, pots and pans, fully-equipped kitchen, and satellite tv all included with a boat slip if you bring your own vessel. a 3-night stay runs 630 dollars not including jet skis. weve got the beach, the water, the toys, the food, the live entertainment every weekend. weve got friday night fireworks. theres rock climbing a short drive
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away on drapers bluff. the vertical heartland climbing school supplies everything from helmets to harnesses and climbing shoes. people dont need to bring any equipment or anything. just show up dressed for the weather. experience a culinary adventure at von jakob winery & brewery in alto pass, illinois. theres fine- dining friday and saturday nights where you'll enjoy new zealand lamb chops and other gourmet dishes, and cooking demonstratio ns on sunday. youll soar through the tree tops, south of carbondale, on one of illinois newest adventures. the shawnee bluffs canopy tour gives you an eagle-eye view of the forest on this rolling 83- acre property. the longest of eight ziplines extending 11- hundred feet. its an eco- friendly ride that suspends you high above the ground. excellent job! nice run. specially-
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trained instructors make it safe and easy beginning with a pre-flight training class. and this is how youre going to travel. both hands on top. feet forward. 85 dollars a head covers flight school, your helmet and harness and the ride itself all together, a 3- hour excursion thats great for people of all-ages. if they can do some moderate hiking, grandma and grandpa can come with the grandkids and do this also. for my 12- year-old son, tony, its a memorable moment. it was fun. the experience of gliding down over the rocks and the creek. it was just fun. and fun is what youll find on this southern illinois adventure. it's a wild and adventure. it's a wild and
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enchanting place of rugged beauty with a boardwalk of shops and gallerys. home to a community of artists and colorful characters. makanda is an old hippie town right, these are people that came here in the 60's and early 70's and settled down and just found the beauty of the place and didn't want to leave. founded as a railroad town, makanda's population dwindled after a series of floods. pioneering artists like, dave dardis helped bring it back. at first it was ghost town. there was nobody living here, just a junk shop and a sandwich shop. so we moved in here, me and my partners, and it was real cheap rent and we operated out of here and we did a lot of art shows. you can see dardis' renowned brozed sculptures at his 'rain-maker art studio' with the fantastic garden in the back. his curious creations attract people from all around, drawn to the irresistable free-spirited makanda
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lifestyle. music this fountain of creativity anchors the boardwalk, supporting other galleries, businesses and street festivals. spring fest is a festival that we have the beginning of may, every year, and it's a great time. we have local bands and music and two different venues. visitors love to stay at the makanda inn, one of illinois' greenest resorts, constructed with natural and recycled materials. the inn features hand-crafted woodwork produced by local tradesmen using reclaimed wood from storm- damaged trees. the walls of the inn feature straw-bale construction, an old but remarkably efficient insullator. the earth- and-plaster finish on the cottages uses clay harvested on-site. it's a very, very durable material and it's obviously plentiful. we just dug a hole up right next to where the
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cottage was going to go and that was our material that we used. a living roof of native vegitation puts the west-end cottage in perfect harmony with the landscape providing natural insulation. the whole concept is to feature natural building materials and techniques and to show how it can be beautiful, functional, and comfortable for people. it's a passion for nature and for beauty in a place that's come to be known as the valley of the arts. theres more cruisin adventures to come. hear the astonishing story of a german settler who walked all the way from pennsylvania to build a historic town near st. louis.
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its a story of unshakable determination and hope for a better life. one of the reasons they settled here was because of the stone in the hillside surrounding. the people who had come from belheim, germany and surrounding parts of the rhineland area were stone masons, tailors, all kinds of occupations. village founder jacob maeys a german immigrant walked all the way from philadelphia to reach these fertile farmlands along the mississippi. in 1852 settling on a hilly piece of earth 30 miles south of st. louis. you can get the full story at the maeystown preservation society and
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museum. and so jacob came here and decided this little area was very much like germany and it would suite not only his family and friends but others, perhaps, who might come later. newcomers followed opening shops in the settlement drawn to the hills that reminded them of home. at the museum see how settlers laid the spiritual cornerstone, st. johns church, a sturdy structure that stands today. like many immigrants people worked to retain their culture. germans came to america and they wanted to have music like they had in germany so they created their own bands. the villagers discovered new pastimes eager to assimilate and adapt to the ways of america. stone masons and craftsmen left their mark on maeystown with a remarkable ability to integrate buildings into the landscape. the germans didnt have to level anything because they had the skills to build into the hillside because it was so similar to the area in germany that they came from. you can see
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the engineering in stone gutters that still line the streets. theyve been here since the 1870s so were talking what, 140 years- old. they still function today in the same way. take a little repair and cleaning but the stone masons knew what they were doing. the famous mayestown bridge was built by stone masons in 1881 using limestone harvested from the nearby hills. you can live the history at the corner george inn. rooms range from 88 to 109 dollars a night with a luxurious 139 dollar loft across the street. theres a maeystown general store lovingly restored by descendants of original settlers. and a few steps away vicis front porch and tea garden serves lunch on saturdays with candlelight dinners by reservation. you can sit outside if you like. theres a beautiful creek that runs in the back of maeystown and all through our backyard. its very pretty, very relaxing. the plots laid out by jacob maeys are remarkably
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functional like small farms. villagers enjoyed space for a home and business with back alleys and storage and access to water. its a testament to self-reliance and vision and a journey you wont soon forget. thank you for keeping us company on the journey. im julian crews and we hope you'll join us next time were cruisin the heartland. music ♪
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